growing the permaculture movement in south africa

there is a lot happening and a lot to be excited about.

Our focus is on growing community and finding ways where we are less reliant on money and more on the regenerative systems we design. How we can work together and collaborate, instead of focusing just on ourselves. creatively, imaginatively, innovatively, coming up with new ways to reimagine the spaces we live in and how we interact with eachother and the world. creating co operation instead of competition. We think the more people involved in permaculture the better for everyone. So with each project we set up we invite anyone to join, be involved in, have fun and learn together. This way our team only grows larger, we have more skills and resources to create the next project together.with this in mind We want to offer as many services as we can for free and spread the knowledge for free. we encourage a spirit of giving and sharing. we have seen first hand how this benefits us all, and brings happiness and joy to all our lives

we also aim to provide as much information about awesome people doing awesome things in the permaculture world and community development. to share stories, skills, knowledge, possibly even tools and resources. We encourage people to share their own stories, ideas, drawings, photos, videos, blogs etc. to inspire us all



And finally this is also just a blog of my own experiences and journey through life and the beautiful places that I have been to in my ten years on the road. The amazing people I have met – all doing their little bit to make the world a beautiful place… my dreams, hopes, visions, manifestations etc.. Weaving a personal tale into a broader picture. An invitation to come together and create magic

I must mention the incredible and inspiring place called Thabarwa. A real place that really exists and succeeds in bringing to life all that I have ever imagined or envisioned.

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